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Dear potential clients,
If you are considering work in the erotic services sector or simply a change, we would like to present to you the form of partnership we offer at ShowPark MARKET. We know that starting to work in this field or changing clubs can be a major decision, which is why we have prepared the following frequently asked question section for you about the ShowPark and potential collaboration with us. If you have any further questions after reading this FAQ, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the number given below the FAQ.

CURRENTLY: Due to the increased interest from new applicants, it is necessary to write us the exact date of your arrival to secure your place in our club. If you do not let us know about your arrival date at our club in advance, we can not guarantee a free room for you for that day.

We are company that has been operating on the market for over 20 years. We operate a total of 3 enterprises in Prague – ShowPark MARKET, DaVINCI Club and the Hotel Henry hourly hotel.

A partnership with us is based on the principle of renting a room. You can choose from one of 56 rooms for every day you wish to work, pay the rent for this room and it will be available to you on the day you choose for the full business hour period at ShowPark MARKET (from 12 p.m. to 6 a.m.). You can use the room throughout these business hours or for just part of this period – it is purely up to you how long you spend at ShowPark and you decide how long you want to work on the specific day. It is also up to you how often you rent a room – we work with women who rent a room several times a month and also with women who rent more often. It is up to you to decide your working hours, what work you perform and which customers you work with and which you do not.
The club is operated on the so-called Amsterdam principle (also known as Laufhaus in Germany). The central bar section interconnects the two wings of the club, which take the form of a labyrinth of corridors in which the rooms themselves are located. The customers walk through these corridors and the ladies stand in the doors to their rooms, lie or sit in the rooms themselves and are able to communicate with the customers.

ShowPark MARKET has 56 rooms equipped with sanitary facilities, a lockable safe, a fridge, air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi and an alarm button. The room is stocked with clean bed linens. The rooms are cleaned every day and the cleaning service is also available throughout the time the room is rented.

You do not pay rent on your first day at ShowPark MARKET– the first time you rent a room is always free so you can try whether a partnership with us will work for you. You can then rent a room several times at a special discounted price, with prices ranging from CZK 1,500 to 2,500. The standard rental rate is CZK 4,100. The prices of the rooms differ depending on the size of the room. During our partnership you only pay the rent, no other fees.

There is no simple answer to this question. Even though there is great earning potential at ShowPark MARKET, the actual amounts earned vary. Your earnings will depend mainly on you. Some of the women who work with us for up to 25 days a month for example, can even earn CZK 60,000. Many girls are capable of earning CZK 35,000 a day.

There are no fixed minimum or maximum prices for services for clients. Everything is purely up to you and your agreement with a specific client. The parameters of the services you provide are also solely up to you. In general, the price of services provided by many ladies ranges at around CZK 2,000 per half hour. This approximate price may be higher or lower and we repeat – only you can decide on the price.

All the rooms have an alarm button, which you can use to summon our staff if necessary. Our staff are prepared to immediately help you if there are any problems with a client.

Of course. It depends on your agreement with the specific client. If you decide to meet outside the club, this is your private affair and your decision. However, in such cases we are unable to assure your safety.

The clientele at ShowPark MARKET is very varied indeed and clients from all around the world visit the club. The current the average daily visiting rate ranges at around 200 – 300 clients on a weekday and around 500 clients a day at weekends.

You must have at least one document proving your identity with you, either an ID card or a passport. These documents are generally required of foreigners in the Czech Republic. On the contrary to Germany or Austria, you do not need a licence permitting you to work in the erotic services sector. However, if you decide to obtain a licence as a performing artist, we will be happy to provide you with the necessary information.

Foreign language skills are naturally an advantage, but not essential. If you are Czech, we do not require any foreign language skills. If you come from a different country, we require that you are capable of at least basic communication in English or Czech.

No. ShowPark MARKET is based on the principle that the client walks through the corridors of the club and views the girls in their rented rooms. The clients are used to making their own choice regarding which woman they stop by and which woman they approach. You can obviously communicate with a client passing by, for instance by greeting them, but this is not necessary.

You can remain in the club outside the standard opening hours. You can rent a room for the morning for a fee of CZK 300 under the condition that you have rented a room for the following day. ShowPark MARKET is not a hotel facility, which means we are unable to ensure the corresponding comfort that is normal in hotels. To give you an idea – the club is cleaned during the day, which results in the corresponding noise in the corridors. You do not pay morning rent in relation to the initial discounted rental rates.

You must go to a personal meeting before you rent a room for the first time. We will explain all the details of our partnership at this meeting (see below). We will usually reserve a room for you immediately, if agreed by telephone, so that you can be sure that you will start work on the day you plan to arrive. However, you can subsequently arrange to rent a room yourself using the mobile application, which the operations manager will install for you and explain. You can also use SMS, Whatsapp, etc. for arranging to rent a room.

We have 56 rooms. All the rooms are usually occupied at the weekends, which means that there are 56 girls working. This number may be smaller during the week. However, it is always a good idea to reserve a room in advance.

If you are interested in the opportunity to work with us, you can contact us by email: or by calling +420 603 761 491 (Whatsapp, SMS, telephone). If you are unable to contact us, we will call you back immediately and arrange a date for a personal meeting here at ShowPark MARKET. During the meeting we can discuss your expectations regarding our partnership, give you a tour of the club and answer potential questions. If you are still interested, you can start work on the same day. If you plan on doing so, we recommend you take your work clothes and items you need for your work with you.

No. The girls are not obliged to have their photos on our website. However, the girls who do publish their photos on the website can also rent a room at a discount.

As well as the standard services you expect from us (cleanliness, safety and discreetness), we also provide all women with related services, particularly advisory services. On the basis of our extensive experience, we are able to advise what strategies for communication with customers to choose, how to choose the most suitable outfit, and your overall styling and the appropriate marketing for you. Depending on your requirements, you can consult us on the best way to earn the desired amounts: which days or day/night hours are best for earning money, which customers you should focus your attention on, etc.

Are you new in the business and have never done anything similar? Don’t worry, we are here to advise you and share our experience. If you are interested, we can give you advice and discreetly discuss personal or more difficult topics – we have colleagues with experience in the field of psychology or social work on our team.

No. ShowPark has been active in the field of erotic services for over twenty years and we are the biggest enterprise of its type in central Europe. Don’t worry, we are certainly not planning on leaving this market.

Our managerial team currently has six members. They will be available to you and ready to help with anything throughout ShowPark MARKET business hours. We are aware that working in the erotic services sector can be difficult. All our team members are experienced in consulting in relation to the erotic services sector and thanks to their individual characteristics they are open to discussing any topic you wish. Our team members include social workers and psychologists.

If you have more questions call us on +420 603 761 491.