Rules of facilities of ShowPark

General conditions
  • The Visitor Rules are the directives announced by the ShowPark operator, which sets out the basic binding rules for the behavior of all visitors entering the ShowPark premises and the operator’s rights.
  • Visitors are required to observe the Visitor Rules.
  • By purchasing a ticket, the visitor takes note of the rights and obligations set out in the Visiting Rules, agrees with the Visiting Rules and undertakes to observe the Visitor Rules in all its provisions, including all ShowPark premises.
  • The purpose of the Visiting Rules is to ensure peace and order for artists’ performances, a generally enjoyable social atmosphere in all premises of the establishment as well as general safety.
  • The operating time is set by the operator. It is posted on the blackboard at the main entrance to the facility, on the information board near the cash desk and on the operator’s website. Changes in the operating time are reserved.
  • Entrance to the ShowPark is only allowed during business hours with a valid ticket purchased by the visitor at one of the cash registers.
  • In addition to a one-time ticket, tickets with pre-paid admission are available. The prepaid ticket is non-transferable. It is possible to enter multiple people simultaneously on one ticket with a prepaid entry fee up to the prepaid limit.
  • Ticket prices are posted at the checkout and on the operator’s website.
  • Entry and exit of visitors is ensured by self-service turnstiles or lift for immobile citizens, always according to the instructions of the operator’s staff.
  • Entry into the facility is prohibited for persons under 18 years of age. In doubt, the operator’s staff are authorized to verify the age of the visitor.
  • Entry to the facility is forbidden to suspects or persons who are under the influence of addictive substances whose appearance and behavior preclude compliance with the Visiting Rules. Persons who are obviously under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances, as well as persons threatening the safety of persons and property located in the premises, lose their residence permit and may be employees of the operator, or also members of the Police of the Czech Republic, whenever they are taken out of the facility.
  • Any door-to-door sale is prohibited in the premises.
  • Persons who have violated any of these prohibitions may be removed from the facility without the right to return the admission. Misuse of a pre-paid ticket entitles the operator to remove or forfeit this ticket without compensation.
Stay in ShowPark
  • Every Visitor to ShowPark is required to act in such a way that his actions do not jeopardize the safety of other persons and their property as well as the facilities of the ShowPark and, furthermore, by his behavior, he does not restrict or bother other persons beyond the scope of the circumstances arising from the course of the event.
  • Visitors are required to follow the regulations and instructions of the operator’s staff, as well as police, fire brigade and rescue services.
  • It is forbidden for the visitors of the establishment to bring into the premises of the premises, in particular, the following objects or objects of similar nature or purpose:
  1.  weapons of any kind, as well as all objects that are usable as cutting, striking or punching weapons,
  2.  sprays, corrosive, flammable and coloring agents or other containers with substances affecting health,
  3.  fireworks (such as rockets, flares, smoke and other pyrotechnic articles);
  4.  alcoholic beverages and addictive substances of any kind except cigarettes,
  5.  animals,
  6.  cameras, camcorders and other instruments for the purpose of professional recording of sound or images except as expressly granted by the owner of the ShowPark.
  • Persons who violate the prohibition in Article III. (3) (a) to (f) shall lose the right to stay at the premises and may be the staff of the operator, or, where appropriate, members of the Police of the Czech Republic, whenever they are removed from the establishment.
  • Visitors to the facility are prohibited in any way from making sound or video recordings from both the ShowPark area and the events organized here. Operators of the operator are entitled to destroy the audio or video recordings thus obtained.
  • The ShowPark Provider is entitled to demand that everyone who violates the above prohibitions and their actions causes damage, to compensate the full extent of the damage. Entry and stay at the ShowPark are made by each visitor at their own risk. The operator is responsible only for damage to health and damage to matters caused by operator’s personnel.
  • The Visits Rules are effective from March 1, 2013.