ShowPark DaVINCI


17 occupied rooms

Two ShowParks – One Style! Walk through DaVINCI ShowPark as you are used to and choose the right girl at the bar.

Come to visit the place where the present blends with the past and where you will find a discreet atmosphere, a pleasant environment, a nice service and, last but not least, a ladies’ company with exciting entertainment! In the DaVINCI ShowPark today, there was once a church in whose walls people were confessed of their sins. Today it’s a place where everyone is ready to meet your wish with a smile on his face. The DaVINCI ShowPark Classic Building has become a part of the Prague Monument Reserve, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

All the girls you see in DaVINCI ShowPar can be yours.

For demanding customers, there is a stylish roof-top apartment with spectacular views of Prague night, which has a really big bed. To your perfect experience in this apartment is a simple way – choose the girl you want to spend a wonderful experience with, rent the apartment and enjoy the moment of your time together. For each rental you will receive a bottle of sparkling wine as a present.

There is also a cash selection service at the bar, where you can choose cash from your credit card using payment terminals. Selection is conditional upon the submission of a personal identity document. Ask our staff at the bar, we’ll be happy to explain. We accept Visa, Mastercard, DC and JCB cards.

Entrance tickets

Entry fee to ShowPark is CZK 390.

The ticket is valid for 24 hours and grants access to all ShowPark establishments MARKET and DaVINCI.

During this time you can repeatedly come back to all ShowParks as many times as you like!

Loyalty cards

5 entries
1 year
10 entries
1 year
20 entries
1 year

Loyalty card is valid 1 year and you can get her at reception of ShowParks.

Opening hours

18:00 - 06:00

ShowPark MARKET is open for you every day.

Entrance to ShowPark DaVINCI


ShowPark DaVINCI
Na Bojišti 28
Praha 2 – Nové Město
+420 601 393 750

ShowPark DaVINCI is well-available both by public transport and by car. Located in the busy part of Prague, near the metro station I. P. Pavlova, between Sokolská street and Na Bojišti street.


You can use our taxi partner to visit the ShowPark and leave; the service guarantees CZK 40 CZK initial fee and rate CZK/km 28. The cars are available in front of the entrance to ShowPark.

Call number: +420 608 930 379